Our Story

Our story all began with our winemaker, Thomas Vert. Tom had a strong passion for wine from an early age. He explains in his own words how Bergeron came to be:

My love for wine started in 1973, when a good friend of mine shared a bottle of 1964 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon with me. I was completely amazed at the complexity of this wonderful libation. In 1985 I started practicing Dentistry as a profession, and less than a year later I had started collecting wines from all over the world and became friends with many winery owners and winemakers throughout California. I dreamed of making wine and would search out the best places to grow wines. 1986 is also the year I met my best friend, Daryl Balko while working in Sacramento, California. At the time, Daryl was managing several branches of Loomis Armored Services. Our friendship grew strong throughout the years and our love for wine would lead us into discussions of making wine and dreaming of running a winery.

I approached Daryl with the proposal that we make wine and start a winery in early 2007. We agreed to put our resources together and began the journey of making world class wines. We started sourcing multitudes of vineyards and climbing mountains to inspect those vineyards. I began studying grapes, soil and wine chemistry. We purchased the needed equipment and found the right facility. By late fall of that year, we had our first grape Harvest.

In October 2007, our winery, Bergeron Winery was born. We named the winery after Haze Bergeron II, my sister’s late husband in his honor. Haze was a wine lover as well and in that respect, we all felt the name was perfect and appropriate.